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Eagle Distributing

Creating more storage space while accommodating growth via a customized, flexible solution

Eagle Distributing Fulfillment

The Client

Eagle Distributing of Shreveport is a locally owned beverage distributor serving Shreveport, Bossier City, and surrounding parishes in Northwest Louisiana for over 30 years.

The Challenge

Eagle Beer Distribution needed to expand its storage capacity while staying in the same location. KPI proposed BeerStor, a technology that would solve their issues with inventory accuracy, code dating, receiving, and efficiency. Before the new KPI system, inventory was performed nightly and then again once monthly by a single employee. Barcodes for the brewery were 98% correct, and from the support center, 80% incorrect, while the advance ship notices were almost always erroneous.

The Solution

Installing Beerstor and the KPI system with Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S) increased pallet storage/warehouse space by up to 75%. It allowed the customer to postpone the need for expansion for several years. By opening up floor space, Eagle now has the capability and flexibility to grow its business by adding more case flow, layer pick, and brands.

The customer gained real-time inventory visibility, inventory control, productivity monitoring, order selection, quality control, and reporting. The new system can handle all 385+ SKUs and grow with Eagle to as many SKUs as needed. The system is highly flexible and enables a variety of layout options and flexibility for the operations group. The project included a pallet rack, crane, three shuttle cards, Voice Pick with six headsets and a spare, WMS, WCS, pallet flow, and security fencing. It is an exceptionally reliable system with a 99% uptime that helped proactively position its warehouse for the future.

The Value

  • Innovative solution for beer distribution
  • AS/RS unit load interface to pallet shuttle for deep lane automated storage